Own Your Disruption

Why Dotcom?

“We are a company positioned to empower people by helping them own disruption”

Who Are We?

Our presence spans across different continents, with the mission of easing digital innovation and transformation for our customers around the world.

Our clients get the best digital solutions for their businesses and consumers, ensuring increased market share, sales and increasing the loyalty and retention of their customers.

Our team’s skills and expertise range far and wide from hardware software integration, the internet of things over WIFI or Bluetooth to the modern and flexible development of web and mobile applications enabled across various browsers, operating systems and screens.


Technology changes how we buy, sell, and do everything. In a chaotic environment, the smart move is to disrupt yourself. Our tailored services help to find the creativity you need to win today— and the vision you need to win tomorrow. Dotcom sets the course for digital innovation, empowers your team and reduces risks along the way. That’s the Dotcom Approach.


We have our priorities, and they start with you. We put customer relationships first at Dotcom. Our culture is built around empowering our clients to unlock the emerging technologies and their hidden potentials. We’ve helped more than 300 businesses grow by harnessing digital innovation’s strength. We love solving challenges and grow our culture to help businesses achieve their goals.

What We Offer

Enterprise Software Development

To finance multiple operations, your business need…

Mobile App Development

Build a solid app with our mobile platform with pr…

IT Consulting

We offer IT consulting services that optimize your…

Cloud Computing

It’s easy to envision diverse things, let us help…

Blockchain Development

At Dotcom Blockchain Lab we believe that Distribut…

Artificial Intelligence

Serve your customers with AI-enabled services and…


Both customers and employees of financial companie…


Our software platform and custom development allow…

Retail & ECommerce

Transform the shopping experience with  mobile app…