Own Your Disruption


We continually review the current and potential future technologies to ensure we’re always on top of our development services. Our expertise includes providing extensive and latest technological use cases as concepts and proof of their implementation.


Cloud Computing Solutions

Dotcom offers you the latest high-speed and high-performance technology to automate your operations. Our cloud computing solutions remove redundant resources, free up space, boost accessibility, and save your resources. We make sure you enjoy increased up time and seamless integration of your business operations.

Blockchain Development

We’re a group of blockchain technology enthusiasts with experiences in cloud services, AI and IoT projects. Blockchain has the ability to disrupt any niche it applies to, hence motivating us to find new use cases and their implementations. Our Blockchain R&D team has experience with open networks, peer-to-peer, Corda, Blockchain, and Hyperledger as well.

Artificial intelligence

Our arsenal of intriguing projects includes several solutions provided using Knowledge Reasoning, planning, and machine learning processes. We believe in AI and its power to change the world while we spearhead its use cases further in our endeavors. We help your business optimize with AI’s fast growing implementations in different industries.