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Blockchain Financial Technology

Implementing solutions using Blockchain technology will help streamline operations and ensure significant cost savings. From a private blockchain network to a profitable ICO, we can deliver the most advanced projects.

Payments Processing systems

We make payments processing e-solutions by providing customized technical integration for all payment processing layers, including merchants, issuers, acquirers, and payment gateways. Get loyal customers by embracing cryptocurrencies as payment method.

Digital Wallets

Provide secure and reliable digital payment solutions for your customers ‘ everyday financial life. Let them exchange and pay on the go, including moving money into and out of their digital wallets, bank accounts and social media accounts.

Cross-border Payment

Send funds to beneficiary accounts worldwide, ensuring timely payouts in multiple currencies. Add new payout partners, currencies, and countries, ensuring fast processing and accurate reporting.

Trading & Securities

Use the latest technological improvements for your trading and securities ventures. Mobile stock tracking, AI-assisted trading automation, blockchain-based smart contracts, and digital brokerage and logistics tracking support —Dotcom can help you develop a software solution that meets your business needs.

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