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Why opt for software outsourcing companies rather than freelancers?

Here are a few reasons you should hire an IT outsourcing company over freelancers
1) IT outsourcing companies are professional
2) You can get easy replacements if you do not like the existing developers
3) You get signed NDAs
4) A project manager is aligned with you

How to choose the right one from a pool of US IT outsourcing companies?

There are a few parameters you can focus upon
1) Years of experience
2) Technologies they work on
3) Work hours and culture
4) Their past project works

Why US software outsourcing companies are highly preferred worldwide?

The US software development community has brought innovation for over three decades in the IT industry. Moreover, majority of IT research work and its execution are done in the United States.

What are the advantages of hiring IT outsourcing companies?

When you take services from an IT outsourcing company, you add more value to your business. You hand over your development tasks to them and focus more on your core business. Moreover, you save your development cost and time.